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If my dog loves you, I might as well!
Age 47 From Charlotte, North Carolina - Online - Over 2 weeks ago
Woman Seeking A Man

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People say that dogs resemble their owners. If that is true, you will find that I do not give my trust or love easily, but when I do, I give all heartedly and prove to be loyal. If this is true, I may take some time to feel comfortable, but when I do, I can be silly, goofy, and charming as can be. Someone who wishes to know me will need to be willing to take the time to know me. Contrary to my dog though, I do not destroy my toys and leave their remains all over the house!
I happen to be a weird breed ... for one thing, I am French! Also, I discovered my Jewish heritage only as an adult (it is complicated!) and my journey has been slow and also ... complicated!
Professionally, I work in the mental health field, but do not wear the usual t-shirt "I am really analyzing you right now"... even though I may ... or not! Since my profession can be depressing, I would not mind finding some humor, and a good laugh, in a relationship. Needless to say, I value depth, authenticity, intelligence, honesty, and basically any other of the qualities that make a decent human being.
For the gold diggers, I apologize, but helping others has not yet proven to be a very lucrative business!
Politically speaking, I have the regret to tell you that I have not sold my soul to any political party and wish to hold onto it for as long as I can. Even though your political preference is not as important, I would prefer to interact with someone who has been able to retain their capacity for critical thinking and is not on one extreme or the other of the political spectrum.
My interest in Judaism has grown slowly but surely as I have started my discovery journey and would love to be able to share and grow with someone in this area.
My hobbies... I am not sure anymore since it is 2020 and it has ruined all the fun.
Your mission, if you were to accept it, is to be able to tame me... and my dog! For further explanation on "taming", please refer to the book "the little prince" by Saint-Exupery, and most especially the part with the fox! Now if you think that sending you to a French kids' book to help you understand how to relate to me (and my dog) is crazy ... then it probably is! If you get what I am saying though, we might just get along!

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5' 4 (1.63 m)
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